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Malika Harricharan

More birding resources containing information and directories for bird houses, birding binoculars, bird food and much more.

This website is dedicated to birders -- those who love birding -- and to all bird-watching enthusiasts everywhere. In these pages, we'll explore common birds such as the hummingbird as well as more exotic birds such as the scarlet ibis.

A simple, true, little story about birds and magic...

Ever since I was a little girl, I've always loved birds. My dad never tires of telling me of a conversation he and I had when I was about three years old. We were in our yard watching the birds. One robin flew right in front of us and started pecking into the ground, no doubt looking for a worm.

I looked at the robin, turned to my dad and said, "Daddy, birds are magic, aren't they?"

He smiled and asked me why I said that. To this day, I can hear my dad tell me the answer I gave him.

"Well, they can fly, can you?"

Yes, I love birds. Birding is a great hobby. Bird watchers of all kinds are welcome to this site.

What will you find at this website?

I think of this birding website as a special place where both novice birders, as well as experienced ones, could find lots of valuable information. In a way, this birding website does not only function as a storage site for birding articles, but it also serves as a comprehensive directory for all things pertaining to birds and the wonderful hobby of birding.

There are lots of birding resources here. I've tried to include a variety of different topics of interest to birders. Naturally, I may have under-emphasized some or even inadvertently left out others altogether. In any event, I will be working constantly to make this site, with its birding resources, birding articles and all things birding, one of the best there is.

Yes, there are resource links that will lead you to pages where we discuss birdhouses and nesting. Then there are links that will take you to the world of hummingbirds or to pages and pages of resources about parrots, macaws, purple martins and other fine feathered friends.

Are you interested in binoculars for birding or about various types of hummingbird food? Would you like to find out more about backyard birds and what types of birdseed they love? Would you like to look for a contact lens to make your vision better for bird watching? Consider the links on this site as a special directory of birding information. It was put together with you, my reader, in mind.

It is my hope to expand this birding site to include birds from all over the world. It is a daunting task, but it will be accomplised by doing a little at a time.

My dad tells me of his adventures in different lands and climes. He speaks of the tiny, beautifully colored birds he saw when on safari in Africa. I have listened to him describe the South American Kiskadee and the seashore birds of Guyana. His tales of his friends of the air always leave me with a sense of joy. I look forward to sharing some of these stories with you.

If you have articles or stories of birds, and if you'd like to have them published on this website, please drop me an email (malika@birdingclub.com) and I'll look at them. Perhaps there are many who would love to read your stories. And, of course, digital pictures will be most welcome.

So thank you for visiting this birding website. Come back again and again.

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